How to optimize PC for performance?

It is very frustrating when your PC slows down or takes a lot of time to load a single program. There are many factors that can make Windows slow, like unnecessary startup programs, junk files, empty registry keys, hard drive fragmentation, high memory usage and much more. If you want to increase your system performance, then you should remove unwanted startup programs and other unwanted files, such as junk files, empty registry keys, invalid font entries, etc. Moreover, you have to defragment your drive time to time.

Here is the simple technique to improve your PC performance:
Optimizing PC performance is very tedious and difficult process as it takes a lot of time if you individually handle the above mentioned issues. Hence, it is better to use SafePCKit; all in one software for solving PC performance issue. By using this, you can boost your system performance and even schedule it for PC scanning so that you can keep your PC always error free and faster.

How to use SafePCKit to Improve System Performance?

  1. To Remove Unwanted Files and Fix System Errors do as follows-

    Once you launch SafePCKit software on your system, select System Scan from left hand side of the main screen. The software displays issues and number of junk files that has to be removed from your PC, after scanning entire PC.
    Then, click on Continue and from the next screen, select issues that have to be fixed
    Hit Fix Issues button

  2. For Removing Unnecessary Startup Programs follow below mentioned steps-

    Click on Fast Start Up button from the left hand side of the main screen and pick application which you don’t want. And hit Remove from Startup button.

  3. Steps to Defrag your Hard Drive

    Select Tools from the left hand side of the screen and click on Open button next to Drive Defrag. Next, follow the on-screen instructions to defrag your hard drive.

    SafePCKit provides many more options, which help you in improving your PC performance, such as Drive Tools, Tool to free-up unwanted memory usage, etc.

What are the other Benefits of SafePCKit?

  • Automatically takes backup of old registry files, so you can restore them when you need it that too in one click
  • Provides schedule option which helps to scan and fix your issues automatically as per the scheduled time
  • Offers Normal File Deletion as well as Secure File Deletion methods for erasing
  • Contains Internet optimizer to boost internet speed